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About Magnetal

Magnetal bearings - Eco friendy solutions

Magnetal is a Swedish based company that holds and license a world patent of a unique homopolar electrodynamic bearing technology, a truly passive magnetic bearing solution.

The bearing design has been invented and patented by Magnetal AB and the company has financed several studies including a PhD-study that proves the technology.

The company core business is to license out the technology to different application developers and semi-conductor producers’ within several technology areas such as turbo molecular vacuum pumps, high-speed spindles, turbines, flywheel solutions and many other areas requiring ultra high-speed rotation

Magnetal also provides its' customer with tailored implementation support for specific designs - always aiming to provide maximum added value to customers products and operations

Magnetal products - by default - provides customers with eco-friendly solutions since the homopolar electrodynamic bearing significantly reduces the direct energy consumption as well indirect energy consumption in terms of maintenance. Nor does the homopolar electrodynamic bearing contain any environmentally harmful products such as oil or lubrication products

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